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Under the Health Care Reform Law, the Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage gap or “doughnut hole” will gradually close helping millions of seniors reduce their out-of-pocket drug costs.  Under the law, people who fall into the doughnut hole will receive a one-time rebate check of $250 to help with drug costs for this year only.

Since checks recently began being mailed to those who already met the coverage gap, AARP feels it is important to remind all eligible Americans that you will receive your check automatically.  If you suspect a fraud or scam report it to Medicare.

Checks will be sent to the beneficiary’s address that Social Security has on file.  The envelope will have the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services symbol on it and will say “Medicare Part D.”  No personal information is needed to get the rebate.  No one should call you or ask you for identification.

AARP NJ has been a supporter of lowering prescription drug costs, its website (www.aarp.org/nj) offers more information about the doughnut hole and how you can save on your prescriptions.


Jane Margesson

AARP New Jersey Communications Director


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