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Dear Editor,

The narrative being spun by the Middletown Township Committee that they are unable to conduct information sessions regarding the redevelopment plan because a lawsuit was filed is false. The lawsuit filed by a citizens’ group challenges the decision by the Township Committee that the property in question fits the criteria for “an area in need of redevelopment.” That is the only issue in the lawsuit. How that issue is decided has nothing to do with the specifics of the redevelopment plan such as how many houses and how much commercial space will be built, what buffers will be in place, or what open space will be preserved. The information sessions would deal with the redevelopment plan, not the decision that the area is in need of redevelopment.

The Township Committee is spinning this false narrative to distract the public from a pre-ordained agenda to railroad through this redevelopment project with as little public participation as possible. We, the residents of Middletown, deserve better.

Michael M. DiCicco
Middletown, New Jersey

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