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Letter to the Editor

I am writing to express my support for Josh Welle, democratic candidate for the NJ 4th congressional district.  I am also writing to address some falsehoods I have read in this and other outlets.

These falsehoods include:

  1. Josh won the county conventions because of the “party machine.” 

I voted for Josh at the Monmouth Democratic convention.  My District Chairman asked me to be a delegate because he knew I would make an informed decision.  Like voters across the district, I went to events featuring all the candidates, including small meet and greets.  I cast my vote for Josh because he is the only candidate who will work to create a more effective and less polarized congress, not just because of where he stands on the issues.

  1. Josh is not progressive enough.

Josh has taken firm progressive positions on issue after issue; from healthcare to climate change to ending mass gun violence.  The difference is that Josh understands that people have different perspectives, and is willing to work with all his constituents to implement effective solutions to these complex problems.

  1. Josh supported the Republican tax cut. 

This is simply not true. 

Josh’s military service in Afghanistan and elsewhere has given him the experience and leadership skills to unite diverse people into teams that successfully accomplish their missions.  He will bring these same skills to congress.

I am voting for Josh Welle on the June 5th primary because he is the best candidate.  Josh is the only candidate who will work to address the issues important to NJ04 and overcome the divisiveness in congress.  



Tim Sexsmith
Bradley Beach, NJ


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