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To the Editor

I have known and worked with Freeholder John Curley for at least 10 years on the Monmouth County Human Relations Commission. Speaking only for myself, I have to confirm that John is an ethical, honest man.

Yes, John Curley is a blunt, outspoken, gadfly who is willing to question authority; that is his strength. For example. in the case of the former Brookdale president's illegal actions, his fellow Republican Freeholders were willing to ignore the evidence, but he persevered to uncover and redress the rot.

As a victim of serious sexual abuse, I am always the first to call out such behavior. In this situation, however, I believe that Freeholder Curley clearly has not received due process. Further, it appears that the charges by the county officials involved are due to a payback " male witch  (wizard?) hunt."



Carolyn Schwebel
Leonardo, NJ