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What is a Republican or Democrat to do this November?  Both parties have long ago forgotten middle-America in their chase for big money from their extremes?  And now neither party is even able to define their own positions on the issues; while Republicans have elected a liberal president and now reels to define itself and Democrats have ‘descended into a tug of war between extreme and moderate’ for control of their own party (NY Times).

The answer - We MUST vote for the candidate that is not beholden to party politics or special interests, one who possesses the values, ethics, and integrity that we demand of our leaders and who also has demonstrated positions on the issues that will drive our state economy, regardless of party affiliation.  

For NJ Senate District 13, Sean Byrnes is this candidate. A veteran, he is smart, articulate, experienced with the Law, honest, ethical, and has a long resume of leadership at organizations that bolster the ‘little guy’.   

And Byrnes has taken $0 from corporate backers!!  He is not beholden to anybody but US, with no hidden agenda to prevent him from working to see our State the best it can be.

His slogan, People over Party, reflects his candidacy.  Byrnes will enact laws to grow our economy and that allow US to participate in this growth, and that are reflective of our diverse population. 

When the Parties don’t speak for you anymore, vote for the guy that does – Sean Byrnes!


Tim Watters


Hoffman Equipment Co.

Piscataway, NJ

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