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Open Letter to Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.:

My family has been thrown out of Sandy Hook because of the storm on Oct. 30, 2-13. The National Park Service haven’t kept their promise of restoring the concessions at Sandy Hook and putting them up for bid. After five years of waiting, we realize their promise of putting the concessions up for bid was a lie and the director of the National Park Service, Mr. Jarvis and appointed superintendants used this scheme to rid the Segall family from Sandy Hook after the storm.

Mr. Jarvis retired on Jan. 3, 2016, and pulled a dirty trick on my families’ only means of income. We were told by our Washington attorney that is the Segall family or HSConcessions Inc. don’t sue the NPS, HSC would be eligible to bid for Sandy Hook as soon as the NPS restores the concessions. Mr. Jarvis is gone and my two grown children and their families do not have any income. Mr. Jarvis and superintendents of the NPS offices in five states know the loss to HSC was the fault of the NPS. The NPS attorneys know that not having flood insurance as absolutely the fault of the NPS. By putting the blame on HSC saved face of the superintendents and director who promised the Segall family that they would be eligible to bid on Sandy Hook as soon as the NPS repairs all the damage.

HSC built the original mobile concessions buildings in 1962 and expanded services when the NPS incorporated Sandy Hook into the Gateway National Recreation Area. The NPS took over in 1972 and HSC expanded beach services to the end of the peninsular. The Segal family invested $350,000 and served 2.5 million persons every summer for 26 years until 1998.

In 1998 the NPS trashed all of HSC mobile buildings and build eight concession buildings at six bathing sections on Sandy Hook. HSC expanded the deck of the only restaurant to accommodate seating to 425 at a cost of $300,000.

HSC was denied flood insurance for the new concessions buildings until the NPS produced architectural drawings of the footings of each of the concession buildings. After constant calling the five NPS offices, the Segall family were told by Mr. John Finley of the NPS “Not to worry about the flood insurance policy, nit has been taken care of..” For seventeen years HSC submitted insurance policy information, to the Boston HPS office. Every year HSC reported on their annual insurance report that NPS either carried flood insurance or Lloyds of London was convinced HSC with many policies was protected for flood. If HSC annual insurance reports did not cover flood, why in seventeen years wasn’t HSC warned of losing its contract? It’s quite obvious the five offices contacted, dropped the ball, not HSC, Frank, we lost making a living for our whole family. If you cannot help us we must engage an attorney and seek out TV reporters to expose how the NPS and politicians together destroyed our family’s only business  of fifty-one years.

Ed Segall
Long Branch, NJ


Proprietor, Sea Gull's Nest 


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