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Senate, Number 2216 legislation is a very well, thought out modification of New Jersey’s Affordable Housing program for both those needing assistance and the 565 property tax burdened municipalities. This bill has been languishing in the Senate since May 2016.  On February 13, Senate President Sweeney and other Senators once again removed it from the agenda, refusing to take on their responsibility to address the issue that impacts every resident of NJ.    

If President Sweeney does not wish to act on this legislation, what Affordable Housing plan does he have to offer to the citizens of NJ?  If he has no plan, I ask him to bring Senate, No.2216 back onto the agenda for a vote on February 27!

If this bill is approved, the Affordable Housing program could move forward, benefiting all the citizens of NJ without significantly increasing our property tax burden.


Jim Burd
Titusville, NJ

Mr. Burd is a previous Mayor of Hopewell Township