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My friends and neighbors of Atlantic Highlands, Election Day is November 8,2016.This is an extremely important election, which will affect our nation as a whole, and I hope that everyone exercises their obligation to vote. As your former Mayor I am very concerned about this election and what has occurred within our little community. As you know Lou Fligor and Jake Hoffmann, are running to maintain their seats on the Borough council. Both Lou and Jake have been strong supporters of the Borough of Atlantic Highlands and its people most of their lives. Both men were registered Republicans who always voted for the benefit of the town, regardless of politics. They always worked with Democrats and Independents to resolve any differences. In this election, both men were forced to change their party affiliation from Republican to Independent, because Jane Frotton, Republican Chairwoman refused to run them as Republicans.

This is my sixth version of this letter. I have had a very hard time cutting five full pages of information into one or two pages. Every time the Republican campaign sends out information I have more lies to counter. The two Republican candidates Steve and Sue are being treated like mushrooms, "kept in the dark and fed BS" by a self serving Republican Chairwoman, Jane Frotton and a bitter councilman who lost his bid twice for Mayor.

My first thoughts for Steve and Sue are to learn who the residents of town are. Steve, at least know the wives and children of the candidates you are running against while you campaign during the Halloween parade. YES their wives and children do live in town!

Sue, I suggest you do not say on social media or on flyers, that you are not planning to get rid of our police dispatchers or sell our Municipal Harbor, then tell attendees at your recent fund raiser, that you are interested in "selling our Harbor" because "we need changes in town."

To both of you, I suggest you check history of our town. Mayor Helen "Mount" Marchetti, was the Mayor who created the Atlantic Highlands/Highlands Regional Sewer Authority because we had our own Sewer treatment plant in the Hollie Tree Lot that needed 1Y2 to 2 million dollars of renovations about 30 years ago. At that time the Regional Sewer Authority was the best choice for our town. It became an expensive, bloated, abusive, entity over the years. Especially when the Republican Chairwoman worked there and her relative became the administrator at an $80,000.00 plus salary. Jake, Lou, Roy Dellosso, Bob Sutton and I dissolved it with Highlands Representatives. Jack Archibald and Pete Doyle tried to stop the dissolution. Further, Helen's family was one of the families that created our town; did you ever hear of "Mount" Avenue?

Dick Stryker helped shape our town and greatly enhanced our business district, he started Bayshore Pharmacy, which still exists, and was a great Mayor supporting the town he grew up in. He is responsible for many things we enjoy today.

I had accomplished tasks that were greatly needed, a new Borough Hall and library, a skateboard park, Henry Hudson Trail, local soccer field, repaired and upgraded our fresh water supply system and rebuilt the Harbor after it was destroyed by Sandy. I was very lucky I had the support of Jake, Lou, Bob, Roy and until about 2013, Jack and Pete. Jack and Pete's support stopped when Jane Frotton promised them things that she could not do. Since Jack lost the Mayoral election in 2015 he has been a non- productive, bitter member, of the council. Attend any meeting and see for yourself.

As to Helen, Dick and I being the "old guard" not worthy of throwing our support to Jake and Lou, I am very proud to be included as an equal to Helen and Dick, two people I have respected my entire life!

Paid for by friends of Fligor and for "Old guard"? Jane Frotton has been involved in Politics since 1970's and Jack Archibald has been on council for 21years.

As to tax and spend, Sue and Steve get your facts straight, come into the sunlight, find out the facts don't let a self-serving Chairwoman and a disgruntle councilman, give you wrong information.

Facts: Jake has never been part of the Finance Committee; Lou served on finance about 13 years ago, never since! However, Jack and Pete have been on, or chair, of the Finance Committee every year since at least 2008. Jack and Pete have created our town's budget each year since 2008 and usually vote against the budget so they can show a "phony pattern" that they were not responsible for increases. "Create and often chair the committee," which consists of 3 people, normally 2 Republicans and 1Democrat most years, submit it, then vote "no" to adopt it, “Phony"!

As to our town's real financial condition. Fact: our operating budget has been reduced over the past 10 years and has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to our taxpayers. We are running very well with our reduced number of employees. Tax increases over the past 10 years are due to "fixed costs". Increased costs of health benefits, utilities, supplies, contracts with unions and services. Recently Sandy related costs added to our increase. No one can reduce fixed costs except for firing our dispatchers, selling our Harbor, firing our sanitation department. All of which have been suggested by the Republican campaign. As a lifelong resident, I do not want to see dozens of our residents fired, when they are doing such a good job for us all.

As to further lies, Facebook from Sue and Steve, recently: Fact - the rent control, I would not be affected by it, you need 4 plus housing units, I only have 2, my rentals are commercial not residential. However any of you who have worked hard to get 4 housing rentals would adversely be affected. Fact- the only thousands of dollars in reference to me repairing my 40-year-old wall on Highland Avenue would have been if Jack Archibald was successful in charging me thousands of dollars for 6" X 67 Feet wider than the 18" wall that has been beyond my property line for 40 years. Jack is bitter he lost the Mayor election.

Jake and Lou are the best choice for our town; they always act for the best interest of our town and its people. They will ensure that our quality of life in the town we all love, remains a place we all want to live in and raise our families.

Vote on November 8th for Lou Fligor and Jake Hoffmann, bottom right on the ballot.

Fred Rast
Former Mayor
Atlantic Highlands