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June 24, 2016
Re: Information about JCP&L Project

It is the intention of the Board of Education and Administration to share the information the District receives on the potential impact of the JCP&L project. The project is currently in the preliminary, exploratory phase. JCP&L has not submitted any applications to the Board of Public Utilities, who must hold hearings and determine whether or not to approve the project. JCP&L has not formally pursued the land use issues with New Jersey Transit.

Middletown Township Public School District does not have any property within 200 feet of the proposed project, unlike some other local school districts. This changes our legal rights under the Municipal Land Use Law and under the Board of Public Utilities process. We have not been, and will not be, served with property owner notification on this matter. We do not have legal standing or any entitlement to take an active role in the matter if it proceeds to an actual BPU application.

The Board and Administration agree that the school community and entire public must remain informed as this matter either develops into a formal application or is withdrawn, as has been the case in two previous instances. At our June 21 Board meeting, we stated that the public can and should educate itself with information from both sides as to the nature and impact of the project. We encouraged citizens to attend Assemblywoman Amy Handlin's scheduled June 28 Town Hall meeting with JCP&L.

Please be assured that we will continue to monitor this matter. Updated information and/or statements may become appropriate as the matter evolves and an application is actually submitted to the BPU. At this preliminary phase, our position is that all stakeholders should focus on educating themselves on all aspects of the proposed project.


William O. George III, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools