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Dear Editor,

New Jersey should prohibit the sale of traditional cigarettes and force smokers to switch to less harmful electronic cigarette products.

State tax revenue streams can be maintained through the sale of electronic nicotine delivery devices with a proportionally equal tax rate to traditional cigarettes.

We must act now to protect another generation of New Jerseyans from the high rates of lung cancer and other serious illness that have been proven to be caused by cigarette smoking.

If we fail to do this now, we can rest assured that at least 11,000 of our friends, family and neighbors in New Jersey will continue to die each year due to these dangerous products, despite a less harmful alternative now being available. Banning traditional cigarettes will make lung cancer become a rare illness in our state.

By continuing to tax and allow for the sale of these often lethal products, the State of New Jersey is complicit in these deaths.

Eric Hafner
Toms River