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Middletown residents need people like Mark Bouthillette and Ernie Donnelly to serve on our BOE. 

If you have attended a Middletown Board of Education meeting over the past few years, you would quickly recognize an unhealthy group dynamic that demonstrates disrespect and distrust.  We need members that will establish a positive climate that values teaching and learning for all.  Particular current and previous members promote hostile and antagonistic behavior that has had a ripple effect throughout the district. 

Middletown must elect people that will promote a healthy discussion and exchange of opposing ideas, challenge while being respectful, debate while preserving dignity, make change without being destructive.  Bouthillette and Donnelly share these core values and have demonstrated them in their respective professions. 

Bouthillette, a Marine Corps serviceman, and Donnelly, a life-long educator, will make strategic and informed choices for the well being of the students and residents of the community.  Their careers speak to their ability for strong decision making through analysis, balancing needs and concerns, and the capacity to envision the long-term implications of an action.  Each of their professions demands collaboration to reach goals, proving they can work with others to refocus the Board agenda and return to issues that matter most.  They will challenge the administration effectively and appropriately work toward valuable solutions. 

Middletown needs school board members who possess strong ethical standards, please vote for Bouthillette and Donnelly.


Thank you,

Dawn Diorio