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At the March 17, 2014 Middletown Township Committee meeting, I was disrespected by two of the people on the dais. These committee people appeared not to be listening to speakers until I began. Then, they "pounced like vicious animals," as a citizen noted.

(Go to the videotape to see, at minutes 20:12 and 1:41. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=3Dyoutu.be&v=3DR_3tNaa5VjM

A good guide to the specific needs for civility related to the treatment of me from the dais includes,

"Separate people from the problem:
Personal attacks or questioning people's motives or character rarely moves the conversation forward to a solution of a problem...Anything that approaches name-calling should be off limits.

Be compassionate:
Eye-rolling and grimacing can be nonverbal forms of heckling and also have no place in communities that value mutual respect.

Avoid debates and interruptions:
Interruptions should be discouraged so that individuals have the opportunity to collect their thoughts."

The whole guide is at:


Carolyn Schwebel
Leonardo, NJ