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Letter to the Editor,

I write this letter as a nearly life-long resident of Middletown; as a working mom actively involved in my children’s public and private education.  I have served as a class mother, as a PTA Treasurer and multiple time director of my children’s school’s annual fundraiser.  I am also a fervent supporter of the new Trinity Hall High School for girls here in Middletown, both at their interim location at Croydon Hall and their proposed future permanent campus on Chapel Hill Road.

I grew up in the Chapel Hill area and I am a graduate of St.Mary’s grammar school, Mater Dei High School and Rosemont College.  A Catholic education isn’t for everyone, but in retrospect it was important for me.  An all-girls college education was equally important to me and an opportunity I wish was available as a Middletown resident in high school.

When it came time to send my daughter to high school it was her decision where to go.  She probably wouldn’t admit it, but she saw first-hand how well a single-sex Catholic high school education was working out for her older brother at CBA and I believe it is why she chose Trinity Hall.  It wasn’t without its risks, being part of the inaugural freshmen class of only 30 girls in an entire school, but she was up for the challenge and I am proud of her for it.  The thing I’m most proud of is that she’s thriving, as much as her brother, and I can’t imagine what more I can ask for as a parent.

I can’t fathom why something as innocuous and positive as a relatively small faith-based all girls’ high school moving into someone else’s backyard or neighborhood would cause them distress.  I live within steps of Thompson Middle School and it doesn’t make me feel any less safe.  I also live within steps of Nut Swamp Elementary and I do not believe the new athletic field has had an adverse impact on the environment.  I am less than a minute drive to Oak Hill Academy but don’t see where it’s location has had an adverse impact on my taxes or property value and I live less than a two minute drive to Middletown South High School and don’t see where the traffic it generates has had a negative impact on my quality of life.

Fellow residents of Middletown, don’t be fooled by the misinformation the opposition is sharing.  Trinity Hall is good for girls, good for parents and good for the community.  Even if you will never send your daughter there, it deserves your support. Why shouldn’t girls have the same educational opportunities as boys? I wish you can see it first hand, when you look into the eyes of these eager young women you can see the history they are about to write.  Let us join together and give them the ink to make it happen.

Lisa Calandrino
Middletown Resident