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AARP hails the bipartisanship displayed in Trenton this week. We need more of it. The new state budget is far from being all things to all people. But it is good for New Jersey.

Governor Christie and legislative leaders deserve our appreciation for a budget that puts the state pension system back on the road to solvency and for including the Medicaid expansion as well. Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, with its health insurance marketplaces and subsidies for lower income folks, will help many New Jersey citizens and institutions like nothing else can. Those institutions that will be helped include hospitals, other health care providers and small businesses that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford coverage for their employees.

And that, in turn, will help us all because it will support our economic recovery, leading to more jobs and more revenue for our state government to improve its solvency and enable it to help other folks in need.

Douglas Johnston

Manager of Advocacy

AARP New Jersey