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Dear Editor:

After the terrible damage in Sea Bright from hurricane Sandy, it is overwhelming to see so much help coming from government, community churches, and neighbors to clean up and repair the town.

This would be an ideal time for the town of Sea Bright to show its appreciation and shed its exclusive claim to the state highway that runs through it.  Sea Bright should rejoin the neighborhood by rolling back the prohibition on charity events using the road.  Events such as the New Jersey Marathon and charity bike rides that passed through Sea Bright brought tens of thousands of athletes, tourists, and business to the NJ shore.

This would be a great time for the town of Sea Bright to shed its exclusive and unfounded claim to free access to the beach, which now exists in name only with no parking near the public entrance.

Sea Bright has been recognized by its neighbors as important and worthy of care.  Reciprocal recognition would be timely and appropriate.


Joel DeWitt

Atlantic Highlands, NJ