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Here's my solution to on-line piracy by offshore entities. It doesn't require new laws like SOPA, doesn't make Google or Yahoo liable for links to these websites.

Under our Constitution, Congress has the power to issue Letters of Marque & Reprisal. These documents gave private shipowners to whom they were issued the ability to legally hunt pirates (or other 'enemies of all mankind) on the high seas and/or attack enemy vessels during time of war.

We just need to make a 21st century application of this concept. Congress must declare these 'online pirates' to be Hostis humani generis (Enemies of all mankind). Then, issue Letters of Marque & Reprisal allowing cyber attacks on the servers hosting the pirate sites. Hollywood and other copywright holders would be more than happy to post bounties for takedowns. Problem solved.

Paul Cusack 
Atlantic Highlands, NJ