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Carcinogens in drinking water and faucets catching on fire are just some of the dangers posed by hydraulic fracturing  (otherwise  known  as fracking), a method of  extracting natural gas from  shale rock  formations. 

A three year moratorium on fracking in the Delaware Basin was enacted so that meaningful regulation could be developed. Yet, on November 21, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DBRC) will vote for new  rules that allow fracking companies to self monitor the water supply and exempt "small" companies   from environmental impact studies. Can the public trust profit driven companies to self regulate when the safety of the water supply for thousands of people is at stake?

To date, the NJ state legislature almost unanimously voted to ban fracking.

Sadly,  NJ  Governor Christie sided with corporate interests and vetoed the ban.  Even  sadder, the NJ state legislature  could not summon the moral fortitude to overturn the Governor's veto. The health of thousands of people is now in the hands of the DBRC. The DBRC should vote NO on these new rules,  lobbied for by private interests,   until meaningful regulation is established.


Robert Scardapane

Somerset, NJ