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To the editor of the Atlantic Highlands Herald

RE: Adam Hubeny,  Borough of Atlantic Highlands Administrator

Too often superlative work is not appreciated. Driving through Atlantic Highlands one can not help but notice the improvements made to the Borough over these last years.   The First Ave streetscape project, Second Ave improvements, Eighth Avenue improvements, the new Borough Hall Building are just a sampling of some of the more obvious projects completed or near completion under the leadership of Adam Hubeny, Borough Administrator. In addition to these the less obvious improvements that have been accomplished, such as the repair of infrastructure projects, go un-noticed but benefit all of the residents of Atlantic Highlands.   Kudos are due Mr. Hubeny for his tireless work in achieving completion of these projects.   Mr. Hubeny is highly visible administrator, always in attendance at events sponsored by the Borough, always offering insight at council meetings, and always available to listen to the thoughts and complaints of Atlantic Highlands residents. Keep up the great work Adam, I for one as a resident of Atlantic Highlands appreciate your efforts.

Peter Hough
Atlantic Highlands, NJ