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The recent announcement by Governor Christie that he is eliminating the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) is welcome news to those of us who have opposed this government subsidized, low-income housing program. 

 Unfortunately, the court-mandated housing quota forced upon Middletown and other towns across the state is still in effect.  Simply put, this is an outrage that Middletown is hoping to secure relief to through the courts.

 Recently, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a lawsuit brought by Middletown and others that would free towns from these onerous, costly quotas if they can demonstrate that the town has a diversity of existing housing stock, which Middletown already has.

 In a weak economy, with residents struggling to afford their own homes, it is patently unfair that they be asked to subsidize the homes of others.  Each COAH unit costs the taxpayers as much as $161,000 to subsidize and the negative impact on the environment, schools and municipal services through increased densities is staggering. 

 We, as residents of Middletown must continue to be vigilant in the fight against government subsidized, low income-housing mandates.  Middletown’s property taxpayers simply cannot afford to continue these unfair subsidies while trying to maintain the quality of life that we all enjoy.

Stephanie Murray

Candidate for Middletown Township Committee