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I cannot think of a better way to save property tax money for New Jerseyans than to do away with all the executive superintendents of the state education system.  Those 21 positions, one per county, with typical annual salaries of $120,000.00, should all be cancelled/”axed”, as the 7 executive superintendents were by Governor Christie as 2010 came to a close.

Why was this additional layer of administrative expense ever permitted?  Given that New Jersey presently has, I believe, over 500 superintendents of education, in its municipalities, these too need to be reduced significantly.

The stated purpose for establishing these 21 high salaried, executive superintendent positions was to formulate a plan to reduce the number of municipal superintendents of education, supposedly by consolidating school districts.  Their study/plan has been delivered, and nothing has changed.

Yet these executive superintendents are still drawing their inflated salaries.  Why weren’t these positions abolished when the study was completed and its recommendations delivered?  Why wasn’t a “sunset provision” included at the time these positions were established?  Please excuse me for being so cost conscious, so non-New Jerseyan.

And while discussing ways to save New Jersey taxpayers money, why do we have “county freeholders”?  Why is this layer of government necessary?  We do have state senators, el al in Trenton.  Enough is enough.

State and local government in New Jersey is like an onion--layer upon layer, and it too brings tears to your eyes.


Peter P. O’Such, Jr.
Fair Haven, NJ



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