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While I appreciate everyone is heartbroken over the death and injury of innocent human beings, I feel myself wondering why all the Tea Parties are making public statements “denouncing” and “condemning” the actions of some lunatic. Are we giving in to the demands of the left that we take responsibility for any deranged white person that commits a crime? What other group other than Conservatives, does the left insist denounce and comdemn for crimes committed?

My heart goes out to ALL that were killed and injured, and their families. Especially, the child who is truly innocent. The dignitaries put themselves in danger as public officials every day. I will not, however, defend or apologize for the actions of any extremist group or individual as a Tea Party American. I am an American citizen who happens to be part of a movement that condemns the taking of our liberties and freedom. How can you let the left dictate that you make statements in regard to this tragedy and cowardly, horrible act?

I cannot speak on behalf of the whole Tea Party Group that I represent, but speaking on behalf of myself, I am not going to defend, condemn, denounce or anything else regarding this action. Obviously, as a human being I am horrified by the events, but to feel that I have to publicly defend the Tea Party for this….not happening.

Barbara Gonzalez
Leonardo, NJ

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