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david_prown_120Straight up I'm not a fan of westerns so I was less than excited about going to see the remake of True Grit starring Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin & Matt Damon. And never saw the original with John Wayne.

But I'm a self-professed movie-holic and some days I just have to "go a see a movie". When I looked at the newspaper on Christmas Eve, this one rose to the top of the list.

I took my pre-movie nap, though too short and hence fell asleep once.

I was also anxious that this was a Coen Brothers movie which tend to be a little far "out there" for me.

Yet I went and was pleasantly entertained. However, this movie, especially about the 1st half, was all about newcomer Hailee Steinfeld has the lead role and hits a home run.

This adult like 14 year old is a wiz with the the snappy dialog and portrays the stubborn and driven Mattie Ross perfectly. She'll definitely get some "award" considerations.

Beautiful settings, good music, and movie moves all. No disrespect for the others, but this movie is all about Mattie Ross.

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