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david_prown_120The word on the street was that the "Black Swan" was a really good film.

Now the previews made it look like a spin off of "Single White Female" from a decade or 2 back. It was somewhat but not really.

Well 1st this movie was riveting meaning...you couldn't take your eyes off the screen or imagine what was going to do next.

Tons of nervous laughter in the audience and plenty of real and implied fear. Yes, my eyes were closed alot ...but in a good way.

This film was very, very graphic and then some.

Complicated to follow in terms of trying to figure out was the star "Natalie Portman" hallucinating and was someone(s) really out to get her.

I think I figured it out (but I'll have to check out Joan Ellis's review to see if I was even close).

I saw the movie Sunday night at the Red Bank Clearview and was very surprised at the very strong attendance. I might be hard pressed to recommend this film, but I think it was pretty good.

Barbara Hershey played her Mom and again you really couldn't tell if she was a foe or ally. Then when watching the credits it said that one of the lead actresses in the film was Winona Ryder. I have absolutely no idea in the movie who she was...I'll have to go on line.

Quite entertaining, but a little out there ....