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david_prown_120I have been desperate to see a decent movie the last 2 weeks and the selection has been horrible.

I called local movie guru Joan Ellis in a panic this past Friday as I needed a movie fix.

She agreed that the recent selection has been lousy but her grapevine strongly recommended "All Good Things" presently playing at Clearview in Red Bank.

Talk about a great, semi-dark, thriller of sorts that get you engaged the entire time without virtually any sex or violence. Sincerely great movie making with most interesting lead characters of Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst who continually evolve thru this movie.

Based on a true story that most folks haven't heard of (or at least me), this is an old fashioned crime story with terrific music and lighting and words that simply works - BIG TIME.

So entertaining in an almost "Usual Suspects" way.