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david_prown_120Went to the sneak preview of "Mother and Child" at Count Basie the other night (and actually left the council meeting early).

Did I want to see it because I am an a adoptive parent? Because I like seeing new releases? Because the council meeting was a little slow?

No, idea but happy I went. Pretty decent crowd and tickets $10.

This movie reminds me so much of "Precious" in 2009. Incredibly powerful, anguishing, uncomfortable, real, important ... I can go on and on.

Killer cast of Naomi Watts, Samuel L Jackson, Annette Benning, Jimmy Smits, Kerry Washington that tells the story of 3 women that have a common theme of being profoundly affected by adoption.

Watts and Benning give the performance of their lives - wow.

My wife and I are 15 years removed from our adoptions and our adoptions were all international which is much different.

There is no way this movie can be a box office success (too painful).

And I would definitely not recommend this movie to either a prospective adoptive parent or somebody that adopted in the last 10 years.

So much angst and wiggling in ones seat (like "Precious"), yet brilliantly done.