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david prown 120I go to 100 in theaters movies a year. For understandable reasons, state of NJ closed down all movie theaters at 8pm this past Monday due to the virus outbreak . I just had to get in 1 more flick before the shutdown.

I wanted to see “The Call of the Wild” simply because it starred A-lister Harrison Ford. Ford’s script seemed a little campy and forced in this film set most in the Yukon in the late 1890’s during the Gold Rush.

With a computer generated likable lead dog, who is oddly a bit ove-sized. Actually all the many animals in this film were computer generated.

There has been many other movies with more emotional bonds between man & dog. Plus they made the lead dog “Buck” built like a super hero dog and perfectly understood English. Simply wasn’t a magical movie. Lastly, who the heck okayed the Props Director that it was okay to put aqua blue tinted sunglasses on one of the actresses….folks this was 130 years ago!