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david prown 120I think “Angel Has Fallen” is the 3rd installment of the “Has fallen” series co-starring (Girard Butler) as head of security for POTUS and the big man himself played by the iconic and perfectly casted (Morgan Freedman)

In #1, there was an attack on the White House; in the next one there is an attack in London on international summit of world leaders and this one at Camp David.   A zillion folk die in these attacks, the President barely survives at. Of course, there is an excellent “bad guy” who has inside intel and Banning solves all, kills all in his way and saves the country and the President.

So predictable but well worth the entertainment value.…. Can you say “Mindless Fun”.

The bad guy(s) are always better organized, prepared and equipped that the US Security Forces and inevitably have some sort of previous government tie/involvement which allows them to infiltrate.

But “Banning is a Beast” and overcomes all odds to save the day.

No reason Not to go