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david prown 120Must say from a marketing standpoint, I can't figure out why the release of "First Man" (centering around the Neil Armstrong 1st steps on the moon) wasn't delayed 1 year to around (7/20/19) to correspond with the 50th anniversary of the that historic 1st moon walk.

All the free publicity would have been huge and could maybe reel in the some of the post baby boomer populations.  Guess they have a reason.

Historical films, especially ones that have no modern tie, general limit the breath of the audience.    Hence a modest buzz among movie goers towards the new film "First Man" (my opinion) I enjoyed this film but hard to watch.   Lots of hand held camera work to properly mimic the realistic bouncing inside of the various planes, rockets and space ships scenes represented.

Also properly representative, good bit of the action shots were displayed in the typical grainy film stock that was valid then. Lastly, because all the astronauts in plane, military or space wear, looked the same :  military uniforms, crew cuts, all age 30ish males, all caucasian, white space suits etc. it was hard to differentiate who was who.  This movie sure could have used sub titles for a portion to remind us who was who and their role.

Academy Award winner Ryan Gosling leads a strong cast.  Movie got better and better as it moved towards the historic day.  And in keeping with technology, the quality of the visual of the movie (specifically the space scenes) got better and better.

Solid movie and recommend but it did not get inside me.  Yet amazing to think NASA pulled this off 50 years ago when technology was so limited.  Also good that the movie shared about the outcry of project cost (as a % of GDP - very hinge) and the divergent opinions across the country for this project.