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david prown 120It just doesn't matter the story line when you have a film headlined by the lifetime achieving actors Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek. "The Old Man & the Gun" is fine 93-minute old school romance wrapped around this true story of an habitual bank robber.  Redford plays lifelong bank robber (couple of hundred banks) Forrest Tucker who also escaped from jail some 18 times in the mid 1900's.

Utilizing a calm, kind and polite demeanor, he camouflages any chance to bank staff that he could be a bad guy.  Had a gun, but never flashes it on his heists and we never learn what he does with all his $ he steals.

He robs banks at the pace that I go to fast food joints (yup, sometimes multiple a day).  He just loves it (me too) and clearly the escaping from prisons is just part of this "its a game" existence he lives.

Nothing not to like about this sex-, bad language-, violence-free film).

Add in the skills of  Miss Spacek and her killer smile and unique nose along with with heist pal played by Danny Glover, this movie is nicely enjoyable (Also Tom Waits)

Easily, kids 10 and up can see but not sure if you want to expose a young one to a film that  showcases Tucker/Redford as a pretty darn good guy and fun life.

Between living in a time of dramatically less security and mostly in the mid west, Tucker takes advantage of both the banks and the jails generally good nature and trust that he is a good guy and relax their guard(s) literally.