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david prown 120Happy I never saw either of the 2 previous movie versions of "A Star is Born" so I was clueless on the storyline.

Director and male lead Bradley Cooper has been killing it the last decade plus on the big screen so he is a must see actor.

And the fascinating Lady Gaga is internationally famous for a long time for her vocal chops.  And you put these 2 together for a film and not surprisingly the this movie is quite entertaining and engaging.

Story of big time country rock singer Jackson Maine (Cooper) whose substance abuse issues (mostly alcohol) leads him to a drag bar he stumbles upon Ally singing(Lady Gaga).  As per a text book movie script, he is smitten immediately with her talent and her personally.

The film then moves along documenting her rise to stardom and his decline due to his demons.  But you find yourself rooting for this couple and their love story.  The path is pretty predictable but you lay that aside and just enjoy two terrific talents (and I am a sucker for good singing and they both rock).

Movie nicely spiced up with supporting roles by Sam "The Mustache" Elliot and Andrew Dice Clay.  This movie has all the elements to be a very popular movie across most ages and sexes.  Not surprisingly it did well in the box office on week #1 and you can expect it to be in theaters for a solid run.

B +   Most enjoyable