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david prown 120The Darkest Hour is getting terrific Oscar buzz and deservedly so. Set in early WWII, the British are getting their tail kicked with huge numbers of soldiers of getting captured/killed in Western Europe from Hitler’s forces.

Britain’s Parliament had recently voted out the current Prime Minister Chamberlain and selected their #2 pick, the quirky Mr. Churchill to try to change the course of history.  Churchill soon was negotiating from a position of weakness a peace treaty with the Nazi’s that was one sided and would change the face of Great Britain forever.

Almost unexpected need to get across traffic-jammed London leads Churchill solo to the underground (London’s Subway) where he quickly assembles an ad hoc focus group of citizens on the Train ride posing questions to tried and true Londoners.  The passion and and single mindedness of these cross section of citizens redirects Churchill and his military actions.

Really good stuff.  In addition, all the hype Gary Oldman has gotten for his brilliant portrayal of Winston Churchill is totally well deserved as he masterfully captures this unconventional statements  & historical icon.  Stay for the post movie historical notes before the credits. Excellent Film.