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david prown 120"The Greatest Showman" staring Hugh Jackson is DELICIOUS!!!

Got lousy reviews and no clues why.

If you like movies with big singing and dance #'s that are electric, modern, powerful, emotion, hand and foot tapping RUSH TO THIS MOVIE.

I you liked Rent, you would love this.  Or think of the sound track from Les Mis or Dream girls but add in dancing (in most #'s).

Outstanding soundtrack and have no clues if this movie ties in with the Broadway show "Barnum" a # of years back.

Traces the story of P.T. Barnum for early days to the big time including hiccups in between.

Fantastic business man, loving husband, brilliant father (balance was his issue).

Hugh Jackson is a hunk!! and a Talent!!

Seriously I can't wait to see again and sincerely hope this gathers legs and a fan base like La La Land.

Great movie for teens and young adults (but folks my age too who love the energy and talent of folks young & different).

FUN, POSITIVE, ENERGETIC .  good story, great entertainment.

What a joyous kick off to the holiday season.