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david prown 120Just couldn’t wrap my arms around the movie “The Disaster Artist” in reading snippets in advance of what the storyline was about. Something about a lousy movie, that became a cult film and starred the Franco brothers and Seth Rogen. Moviefone.com at a 76% rating which is quite good. I went in hope of joy. I stayed awake in hope of magic… Alas neither and I missed out on some prime nap time.

I’m a fossil and cult films from my era (meaning only being shown as a midnight show on the weekend would be Rocky Horror Picture Show). I never saw or even heard Of “The Room” from the early 2000’s or the director/star Tommy Wiseau, so may This film is aimed at another age group. Maybe there was 20 folks in the showing that I went to. There were about 5 folk laughing uncontrollably, 5 folks that walked out and 10 folks (like me) totally confused by what we were watching.

So this aged wannabee star, say mid 40’s, with the attempted movie star hair and grim Looks is Tommy Wiseau played by James Franco. He befriends handsome young Gary, another aspiring actor. Wiseau has some speech impediment or speaking style but talks a big game and clearly access to endless money mesmerizes wannabe star Gary.

So shortly after meeting, they decide to load road trip to Los Angeles (from somewhere in middle America) to become movie stars as Tommy has an apartment there too. (at this point the audience is perplexed on this guys history and the source of all his $ which isn’t explained at all in the film and mentioned in the credits that no one knows).

Frustrated in not getting a break, Tommy decides to make his own movie (self funds and stars) and hires a huge crew and lots of equipment while spending a ton of $. So we are now watching a movie of this nutcase making a movie and it is horrid.

Fast forward and plenty goofy and totally formumatic drama along the journey, the film is made (Spoiler alert). In front of a packed house and all the actors at the preview, the audience is Repulsed by the crap on the screen...but then the laughs start coming and rolling and then now stop as it becomes laughed at.

So this utter box office flop I guess becomes a major cult Film (a la Rocky Horror) and is still successful today. Where???

No clues, don’t care. Where is Tommy Wiseau, don't know, don't care and afraid to Google.

Movie review .... disaster!