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david prown 120Although the buzz was strong for "3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" (which could be an all time unoriginal title, I had some trepidations in going. Movie had been out for 2 weeks now and I had inadvertently heard some snippets that I thought might have ruined it for me

NOT!!! This movie was masterful and has to be up there for Oscar Best Picture contention. The casting, the script, the music and yes the unconventional but not so far fetched story line really grabs the audience.

Frances McDormand is spectacular as the grieving & very angry single Mom over the horrible rape/murder of her daughter. Many, many months have passed with no movement (and seemingly no police
interest) in this case. As we know, she rents 3 sequential billboards, down the hill from her home on a quiet road that intentionally fire up the local police dept.

This not some whodunnit or drama. This is a heart-wrenching story of Mom Mildred Hayes who is a fearless fireball who knows no physical, verbal or confrontational line in the sand to solve this case.

The previews give you very little insight into the specialness of 3 Billboards. The script, casting and music are fine as you will find all year (and beyond). It is all above the people, their relationships, their values and their life styles

For those faint of heart, the language is uber salty and raw…but it really works…I mean really salty!

The unrelentless drive of Mildred is priceless and near inspirational. Plus the transformation of our perception of some key people in the police department is shockingly positive. I'm not sure if the word wisdom is applicable, but Woody Harrelson stuns us in a positive way as a father, husband, friend, leader and a compassionate soul to Mildred.

Once you see the film, harken back on the incredible kindness of the owner of the billboard company, the out of left field, innocent casting/role of the ex-husbands "rob the cradle" girl friend, the billboard verbiage used by the painter/worker and the near forgotten son who lives in the middle and is clearly hugely strained at home and at school.

This movie is as good as movie making as you will fully escape in this near 2 hour gem.