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david prown 120Sometime over the last week I heard a commercial about the movie "Lady Bird" being one of the most highly rated movies of all time. Seeing this flick jumped to the head of the movie watching line and off I went.

I won't fault the movie itself rather the Mall movie theater. The print quality of the movie was muted color-wise and casted a strike against the movie right off with it s drab pallor.

The storyline of good girl smart teen; who drops her unglamorous best friend to buddy up with the prettiest girl in school has been played a zillion times.

Of course she starts going down a wrong path; rebels against parents/school and becomes a "bad kid" continues the unoriginal story line. Now off course she hits a wall, the light bulb comes on, she goes back to her old friend and original life course and is the good girl/daughter/student again. Ugh!!!

I love chick flicks, I love sentimental, poignant stories, love even a good teen angst film…….fully intended to connect with this film. But I am utterly dumbfounded by this 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes….not even close to. I kept waiting and waiting for some sort of interesting story angle, captivating relationship or something. Big Greta Gerwig fan of her as an actress (always quirky and off). Now in her directorial debut, leads the same quirky and off film with the accent on OFF. Love star Saoirse Ronan, but folks this film doesn't work at all.

Candidly, I was sincerely hoped I would slide off into one of my famous movie naps but not happening. I figured there had to be some good in this movie and had to stay awake to ensure I didn't miss it. So I waited and waited till the credits started rolling and my jaw dropped. Nothing good and no nap :(

I know I'm in the minority but "Lady Bird" didn't work at all in this coming of age/teen angst drama. Good to see Mom Laurie Metcalf again (of TV Rosanne fame) who does her utmost to keep the family together financially (husband out of work), balance presence of in the home young pierced son and daughter in law and of course Lady Bird, while dealing with her own issues.

Folks again, this is my type of flic, totally didn't work for me at all