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david prown 120I am just not a superhero movie guy. Maybe I saw the initial Batman & Superman movie but otherwise that genre just doesn't work for me (but I know I'm in the minority)

But when movie local movie Guru Joan Ellis highlights a film and my tennis/movie buddy Lenny-Nation both talked so highly of "Wonder Woman", I took a flyer during this lean movie time.

Well 20 minutes into the movie,I am stunned by the attractiveness of actress Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman (who I have never heard of) and mores, the storyline an all woman island perpetually training for battle. Very athletic stuff.

Seriously, 20 minutes into the movie I'm sending myself "David you have really missed out on some good entertainment these.. superhero stories really have something to them.

Then enters into the movie good guy and hunka-hunka Chris Pine who is a soldier for the Allied Forces who stole the secret weapon notebook from the evil Nazi scientist. All good I'm still enjoying and wondering where this film will go with 1 fine looking man solo on an island of knock-out looking ladies. Nope.. doesn't go anywhere remotely like that.
In short, Wonder Woman & Pine leave the confines of the island two realize her dreams of fighting and save the world (who is in WWI. This is where the film takes a you turn for me as Gadot changes from Princess Diana into Wonder Woman as all her superpowers are needed for this war or wars..

This is where too many special effects, predictable bad guys and endless battles take center stage in her quest to take down the film. Lots of upfront discussion of gods, how Diana was created and who was related to who. I didn't understand it and towards the end of the film it became part of the story and her heritage. Plus there is some tie in to Bruce Wayne (Batman to me) that I don't understand.

In short film went from a rocket ship to a dud for me pretty darn quick. I really wanted to like this movie.. but I didn't sorry.david prown 120