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david prown 120Clearly the early spring movie drought continues except for "The Zookeeper's Wife". So sniffing for a respectable film "Gifted" starring the uber hunk Chris Evans caught my eye because Octavia Spencer had a supporting role in it and to me, she's the bomb.

I heard zero Buzz about it and hence didn't expected to be in the theaters for long. Nothing else caught my eye and Red Bank at two weird flicks showing, so I headed off to see "Gifted" with middling expectation.

Though I think similar story lines have been adapted to the big screen, it's still looked interesting and it still had Ms. Spencer. However this movie totally belong to the eight-year-old star Mary {Mckenna Grace) who slayed the lead role. No clues if I have seen her in a film before but she totally owned every scene. Grace captured the essence of an eight year old having goofy fun with friends; temper tantrums as well as what one could imagine an 8 year old with an IQ off the hook would be like. She could shift gears as an actress so darn impressively..

The only child of an utterly mathematically brilliant single mom who took her life at a very early age. Mary comes to live with her Uncle Frank (Evans) who clearly has academic chops and was even a college professor. When we meet single Frank, he is a independent boat repairman in Florida raising Mary. Clearly Frank has his issues but his sister selected him to raise the incredibly gifted Mary as she trusted he would raise her daughter to have a normal childhood…not the protected, work only, no fun/friends existence she had under the very controlling eye of her Mom (Lindsay Duncan)

Frank sure did that in so many ways but at the same time he knew (as did Mary) that her academic genius had to tapped, nurtured and coveted.

I totally enjoyed this film. Some of the aspects of this film really hit painfully home (No, nothing about the gifted part). This film was quite engaging led by the brilliant, funny, precocious, tough 8 year old Mary

I will be most interested to see if friends of mine like this film as much as I did maybe I was just in the mood for something a little emotional a little family a little passionate and a good amount of smiles.