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david prown 120The previews of the new animated film "Boss Baby" really raised a chuckle inside me. A talking baby CEO in a suit organizing other talking babies. They are fighting against the growing role of pets in families lives and the love/attention they are drawing away from babies and kids.

Boss Baby voiced by Mr. Everywhere Alec Baldwin is a real piece of work and steals most scenes. His battles with his highly jealous and previously doted on only child older brothers are fun. Other famous celebs voicing characters include Steve Buscemi; Jimmy Kimmel; Lisa Kudrow & Tobey Maguire; Kevin Spacey & more.

Once they realize that the real enemy is pets they form an alliance and eventually learn to love each other.

Once the focus of the movie becomes on their battle with corporate Puppyco(where their parents work also) and the CEO's plans to take over the world with automated “Forever Puppies” movie drags a bit.

Couldn't entice my little guy (6 years old) to go and candidly he would not have understood most of the story line. Yes, when I went to see solo. Yes, I was the only person in the sold out theatre without a kid in tow but that was okay. There was a 6 year old next to me with her Mom and she was totally bored by the film and kept looking at me when I was laughing.

Movie horizon at the moment is pretty lame (outside of the Zookeeper's wife) but still was decently fun.