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david prown 120I was simply stunned and thilled to stumble upon "A United Kingdom" playing at the Red Bank Theatre.

A historical drama/romance that totally introduced me a critical piece and time in history that ties together so much!!! Romance, Racism, Politics, International pressure, bi-racial marriage, poverty, power, leadership, loving family angst, cultural traditions and so much more.

Beginning in 1947 in London, an English laywoman (played majestically by Rosamund Pike of "Gone Girl" fame) meets, falls in love with and marries future king/heir to the throne of the South African small impoverished country of Bechuanaland (now Botswanna).

Bi-racial relationships let along marriage were tremendously disdained in both countries at that time. Then add in that husband (the outstanding David Oyelowo "MLK" in Selma) was heir to the throne of the highly racist country (essentially ruled by the United Kingdom) and adjacent to the apartheid laiden South Africa.

This film is so important, so engaging and so historical. Dang I loved this film!