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david prown 120"Hidden Figures" is a Hidden Gem. Based on a true story from the very early 1960's at NASA (Houston), this important movie starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, portray 3 extremely talents (mathematician, supervisor and computer wiz, and engineer) that despite endless, and I mean endless, obstacles they overcome to become professionally excellent (and acknowledged by their industry). Specifically we are talking Racism and Sexism.

This movie zips along and I highly recommend for any child 10 and up and of course all adults. Love that this movie is rated PG …and truly is.

Movie set in the time of the space race with Russia during the Eisenhower/Kennedy administration. The Russians put the 1st astronaut in space and becomes a national embarrassment to USA. President Kennedy challenges the nation and specifically NASA to win the race to the moon.

The segregated work force at NASA was a fascinating piece of history and how the true story unfolds is top shelf stuff. The journey of each of these women as high level professionals in their own disciplines adds to the film. The journey of each may not of have been equitable in terms of screen time but all equally humbling & impressive (their journey and their intellectual talents).

The tension/excitement of the real space was ever-present in the film and only added as we rooted for the 3 stars as well as for the US to win the race. Kevin Costner plays a visionary, NASA big gun that doesn't see color and only sees performance and results. You root for him as much as the ladies as he is all about team …. the USA space race team.

This film really works well and highly recommend.

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