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david prown 120With all this negativity in this world, the notion of a movie about "Sully" (Capt. Chesley Sullenberger) who is an American hero had me locked and loaded.

Must say I was shocked by the previews which focused quite a bit on the naysayers regarding his condition and decision making in the cockpit that frigid January am. I sincerely don't recall that turn of events.

I had no recollection of anybody questioning his flying brilliance and decision making that day…and that no lost their life (passenger, crew, folks on the ground etc.) after a very rare both engine out bird strike.

I was almost mad going into this film that someone had even questioned him. Not surprisingly Tom Hanks nails the roll and he is ably supported by his co-captain (played by Aaron Eckhart) and his wife (played by Laura Linney). Having Clint Eastwood and Frank Marshall producing only adds to the film

This was a nice, tight film and really focused "the after" with the media & average citizen love for him wrapped around the govt/NSA legal and computer modeling scrutiny of his decision making.

Going into this film, I had a hard time recalling when this "Miracle on Hudson" occurred. I sincerely could not recall if this was a pre or post 9/11/01 occurrence. As the movie played out, it came to place it on the date 1/15/09.

I seeing flip Phones used in that era along with pagers (vs. smart phones and endless social media). I also recall how little video footage of the plane flying over the river and because nobody had smart phones yet.

Reflecting on that date, 3 things struck me. First it was just months after the huge financial world collapse, 2nd it was the dead of winter so we were all hunkered down (and again little social media) and 3) we had just elected a new president. So we were a bit of a "distracted nation".

Yes I remember the media love and the talk show circuit but that ended and most forgotten. Tragedies/memorials world wide are ever present. Goodness seems to be showcased in theme parks which cost lots of $.

How rare are public showcases/remembrances for true American hero's like Sully/crew/rescuers etc.. Especially since this happened in NYC in the post 9/11 world, sort of sad that it was a recalled as an event but is not captured for students/tourists to visit and treasure today.

It was a good solid movie, and even a good one for young people. We need to treasure heroes more.