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david prown 120My bad for going to see the highly acclaimed new film "Hell or High Water" a little bit tired. This was way too good of a film to not be in top shelf movie watching mode.

It is probably not an original premise of family members going on a crime spree to save the family farm.  Set in destitute West Texas, surprisingly divorced calm & kind brother played by Chris Pine and his wild, ex-con, living on the edge brother Ben Foster, are the ring leaders in a local bank robbing spree.  These brothers are as difference as night and day in every sense but clearly love each other which adds nicely to the movies tension.

The family homestead which is owned by their recently deceased Mom and the home to Pine's (brother Toby) ex-wife and 2 kids is near foreclosure. However, the brothers also learn that the land is loaded with oil and the selling of the rights can yield a lifetime of comfort.

So the brothers set off to knock off several smaller branches of the local (Texas) Midland's bank that happen to hold the loan papers on the farm.  The notion of robbing the same bank that is trying to screw them out of the family homestead helps them stay focused.

But not surprisingly wild brother Tanner just keeps pushing the envelope and clearly has a death wish.  The lead Texas Ranger following them is brilliantly played by Jeff Bridges. Yes, he could have doubled as Dick Tracy foil "Mumbles" but candidly, it was tough to understand a number of the characters and their heavy west Texas, stiff lip talking styles.  Bridges is an old time Ranger with excellent instincts, patience and vast experience dealing with locals (and anticipating their tendencies).

But at the end of the day, a brilliant sound track and rich cinematography of the folks and the terrain, create a special film that will generate lots of buzz.

This was a very well constructed movie and script that has lots of upsides and will generally be enjoyed by most. Highly recommend seeing on a big screen.  At 102 minutes, a special cast and a tight story, this film is a winner.