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david prown 120Maybe once a year, the Red Bank Arts Theatre devotes a single movie on both screens. I think films like "Life is Beautiful", "The English Patient" and "Juno" played both screens at this fine theatre for a time.

Though I knew nothing about "Birdman" starring Michael Keaton, Naomi Watts and Edward Norton, I just assumed it had to be darn good to demand both screens. Before hitting the theatre, I did a quick look on moviefone.com for a rating, and it was just 3 our of 5 stars. Then I asked the long time clerk at the theatre and he said response has been mixed.

So I wasn't too optimistic but for $6 bucks plus Naomi Watts and Edward Norton in the mix, it had to be good right?

This movie sailed totally over my head. Sort of like a wacky Coen Brothers movie, I just didn't get it. Keaton, who in the movie, is a box office dynamo as the lead in "Birdman" (a sci-fi action hero a la Spiderman). Wanting to break the stereotype, he tries his hand at Broadway and not only is the lead and the director, but also funder the show.

While he tries to journey towards live theatre success, his "inner birdman" voice and buddy, keeps whispering advise to return to his tried and true character and make like "Birdman 6". Plus Keaton struggles with an ex-wife, a recovering daughter and nuts co-lead (Norton) and more.

This movie just made no sense to me. If I used adjectives like weird, obscure, confusing and dark, I'd be barely touching the surface. Folks, I did not like this movie at all. To me, it put the "P" in pointless....save your $.

(Note - now that I've written this review, I went to copy and paste it onto Rottentomatoes.com (which I always do) and was SHOCKED to see huge, very positive rating #'s from both critics and audience viewers alike. Now I'm totally confused. I didn't fall asleep in this movie at all hoping beyond hope that the film would right itself..but it didn't. I'm totally bewildered that some many folks like it so much.

Not for me.

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