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david prown 120I'm a sucker for a Disney, feel good, non-fiction, sports movie and hence I went to see "Million Dollar Arm". Surprisingly these type Disney movies have been rather mediocre and forgettable. I mean "Remember the Titans, Miracle, The Rookie" were all nice, but outside of R.T.T., I barely recall any emotional feelings towards these movies and others non disney ones, but I still go.

What struck me about this movie first off, and maybe because I went to the lower end Middlebrook Bow Tie theatre in Ocean, was that the quality of the movie print itself was really weak. Muted colors, bland skin tones actually drab. Heck, once the movie scene moved to India, a country that is exploding with colors, the lack of vibrant colors actually put me to sleep for a good 10-15 minutes.

I have no clues who the star Jon Hamm was (sorry I don't watch TV). So he's the CEO of sports management company (once successful and now faltering) who lives in California, is a bachelor in a mansion and has absolutely no tan and dresses like a frumpy guy. Yet his assistant, right hand man, dresses to the nines. That a bit perplexing (but probably

The movie was 30 minutes too long. The previews told the story of his trek to India to find baseball pitcher(s) on the premise that cricket is such a big sport and the cricket bowlers (pitchers) were an untapped market (as was the marketing power of a billion citizens).

Story is quite predictable and based on a true story. I'm not going to go further but has an interesting ending as a baseball fan.

There is no way this movie is going to do well after the 1st weekend.  Folks, I won't knock yourself out to see.