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david prown 120Today was one of those days where I needed to see a mindless movie that could take me away for a couple hours. Why not go to see the sophomoric movie "Neighbors" starring newlyweds Seth Rogen and Emily Byrne. This couple, fresh with an infant, are new to the neighborhood and quite joyous until a Delta type fraternity moves in next door (led by president Zac Efron).

Despite best intentions, they become the worst of neighbors a la the Hatfields and the McCoys and the battles are fun (I thought they would be worse).

I mean there's really not much to say about this movie except it was a sophomoric mindless movie. It is a spirit of Animal House, but now 30 years later; the drugs, sex, and alcoholic abuse are harsher than ever and "gross scenes" are grosser than ever. But, really, nothing we haven't seen before so generally the audience laughed throughout.

It was clearly a fun movie that should do okay in the theatres. I was going to bring my 25 year old son and his lady friend and so grateful I didn't . Folks this movie is clearly "R" but it works.

Plenty of laughs and moves along pretty well. Of "Friends" fame Lisa Kudrow, has a couple of very funny scenes.