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david prown 120I saw this terrific documentary 3 weeks ago in Red Bank. It is STILL PLAYING at the The Showcase on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park. Can you believe a documentary staying in local theaters that long...it must be good.

When I learned it had to do with art/painting/history etc. I cringed. My Dad is a world reknown art historian, my Mom was into the arts, my 4 siblings are into art and me, the black sheep, agonized when we were taken to an art museum (seen ‘em all). I have a great memory of going to the Louvre 40 years ago with the family and my Dad insisting that I give it at least 15 insides look at incredible art before bolting for the gift shop or going outside to bounce a ball on the stairs.

So this is a documentary about notes computer graphics/inventor guy named Tim Jenison (new name to me) who is smitten to uncover how an iconic Dutch painter name Johannes Vermeer (Painted “Girl with a Pearl Earring” – I know from the movie of the same name starring Scarlett Johanson) could paint such a life like paint that is looked like a photo 150 years before photography was invented.

Clearly Mr. Jenison had the time, $ and ingenuity to tinker, test and tweak (this project takes like nearly 10 years). He creates an invention/tool that he thinks Vemeer might have stumbled upon 300 years earlier and explaiins ifs amazing painting ability unlike any other.

His journey takes him to English coast where Vermeer would paint, to meet noted artist David Hockey and even to Buckingham palace where the Queen has a Vermeer.

Directed by famed magician and friendTeller (of Penn and Teller fame) , this was so fascinating Then he comes back home (Texas) I think Vermeer actually builds at exact historic replication of the room of the painting to capture all its details.

This painstaking, time consuming, obviously expensive and incredible reproduction sets the stage for a most fascinating documentary - seriously.

Go see it.