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david prown 120I wanted to see the movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" the minute I saw the previews.

The director Wes Anderson makes the "funnest" movies. "The Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tanenbaums and especially Moonrise Kingdom" were terrific films.

With the same director and many of the same lead actors, this movie just had to be good.

First of all, look at this killer cast : Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Adrian Brody, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, Tom Wilkinson, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, F. Murray Abarham, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson and more. Folks, that is just NUTS!!

So you take this who's who of actors and intertwine with Wes Anderson genius, and you are assured a most quirky, funny, film. I love the convoluted nature of his style which is a bit "touched" but nothing as wacky as the Coen Brothers which I just can't figure out.

Go see this Wes Anderson film, just sit back, let the movie come to you and enjoy. The sets, the music, the convoluted nature of this story as a iconic concierge at a legendary European Hotel (Ralph Fiennes) his just fun life/story is a priceless film. If you want a clever or intricate plot, not here. But if you want to entertained with film brilliance run to this most enjoyable experience.

M. Gustave (Fiennes) and his protege lobby boy are a terrific ying and yang in a quest to obtain a priceless painting willed to the former while the European world is changing.

The story is not important here, simply it sets the framework for pricelessly interwoven special and fun film.

Please go see on a big screen, relax, let the movie come to you, don't try to keep up with every character and role....just enjoy. Let it wash over you and bath in its brilliance.