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david prown 120I haven't been to a movie forever it seems (I think 2 weeks), so excited to trek to the movies on this rainy day with one of my daughters and 3 year old grandson (his 1st movie).

Unfortunately, "G" movies just don't exist anymore...Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. In the spirit of the gather as much $ as possible, the PG edge is created with bad guys, scary scenes, edgy characters, flashy special events and more...ridiculous.

Example, the other 2 PG movies in the theatre today - Muppets "Most Wanted" - that is nuts (an international crime caper...yup real kid friendly...Jim Henson most be rolling over too).

We also have The Lego Movie, where the "Lead Lego" is out to stop the Evil Tyrant..another young kid friendly theme.

On top of that, they make more and more films in 3-D which is generally a money grab and unnecessary.

Fortunately, we were able to hit a "non-3D" showing of the new animated flick "Mr.

Peabody and Sherman" which is running in most 1st run theatres (who 1st burst on the scene in the 60's animated all-time great Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series).

I'll be honest..after lunch, no nap, rainy day, animated film ....yup I snoozed a bit.

But I really enjoyed the script (plenty of funny adult targeted lines) and you just had to really like the main characters.

I recognized voices from the film but had to go on-line to confirm all.

Look at this list:

Stephen Colbert, Allison Janney, Dennis Haysbert, Mel Brooks and more.

Film really moved along yet was definitely over the head of a 3 year old. He wasn't scared but didn't engage him.

Anyway, I love any "throwback" movie/cartoon (loved 3 Stooges, Get Smart, 21 Jump st and more).

Plenty entertaining and recommend as Mr. Peabody and Sherman are most engaging characters.