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david prown 120On Christmas Day, I went to 2 different movie theatres (Monmouth and Hazlet) to see "American Hustle".  I was shocked that both shows at both theatres were sold old (that is a movie theatre rarity especially 5 days after the movie has come out).  I.E., the fans have spoken and motivated to go see this movie even more.

This movie was based (I think) on the well-known Abscam scandal of the early 80's here.  However, the opening words on the screen say "some of this actually happened" so I guess there is more fiction to this movie than truth.  I really don't know and I'm not going to research.  Why?, it was a tremendously entertaining movie and the degree of truth just doesn't matter.

I do remember the scandal being in the news forever and most folks being genuinely bored by it. I remember the whole fake sheik angle combined with mobsters, corrupt local politicians and vast amounts of it being video taped.  In fact, I remember it moreso being embarrassing to our state.

Let's move on.  Virtually everything stereotypical of NJ is portrayed in this film.  Mobsters, bribes, goofy accents, shady politicians, painted wives, rampant infidelity and more all dressed in the dress of the day.

This movie is exceptionally well put together and cast.  Movie is disjointed, awkward, unsmooth and quirky which makes it work so well.  
The cast or moreso the characters are off the charts unique and engaging.  Christian Bale and Amy Adams as the just below the radar scam artists can easily expect year end nominations if not awards.  Once they are caught by a cocky, sleazy FBI agent Bradley Cooper, they are have to go along with a bigger sting which takes them into riskier, dangerous ground.  They are actually utter scam pros who talk strategy, planning etc. just like a CEO.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Bale's bumbling, beautiful and mouthy wife and kills the role.  Jeremy Renner plays a mayor "of the people" who really doesn't know where the line is and is smitten by his role as a powerbroker.

The music (from that period) in this film is special.

Folks, this really, really, really a well made movie.    Hard to
describe yet extremely engaging and entertaining.  As Jersey-ites, it is in our DNA to go see this film and just revel.

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