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david prown 120A few months ago a local sports coach tweeted how much I was looking forward to seeing the movie "Best Man Holiday". I really respect quotes for what he's done for Red Bank kids so I tucked recommendation away till the movie came out. Later did i learn that this was a sequel

Yesterday was my birthday so I worked most of the morning and then treated myself to a movie. More specifically, a matinee show playing at the right timeat the very, very, very comfortable Freehold Mall theater. Yes, we're talking fully reclinable, soft plush chairs.

Clearly I did not have high expectations for this movie and just wanted to enjoy and be entertained. Previews hinted and both fun and drama the between college friends (male and female). And the first 2 thirds of the movies captured that and it was nicely entertaining.

The movie combined real life situations and relationships that surprising had my eyes watering for the last 20 or 30 minutes of the movie (in a good way).

There were a few

key similar themes to the most emotional movie I think I ever saw...Brian's Song.

This movie though no doubt fiction overall, captured many stories melded into 1 film and hence worked nicely

I know emotional movies are generally not big box office hits and not sure how this one will do. But I really encourage folks to go see this movie as it tied together holidays, football, friendship, spirituality, sickness and kids.

I really enjoyed this show and I was pretty quickly and easily understand the characters (and don't really feel I missed anything not seeing the 1st movie). Lots of solid actors and no one Big Name that steals the movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. most recognized name but you'll recognize many.

In all the big theatres.

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